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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

To change the course of your story

Welcome to Soul & Feather Counselling & Psychotherapy

You feel that your body lets you down, you feel trapped amid incomprehension of what is happening to you, and solitude is taking over.


I focus on African, Black and Caribbean healthcare professionals or other high-risk public services professionals facing challenges. Exposure to situations may cause sleeplessness leading you to feel exhausted. Traumatic experiences with clients have you feeling numb in your own life. As a black counsellor, I aim to help you navigate those difficulties with Afrocentric and multicultural competencies and lenses. With support, you can overcome overwhelming and invasive struggles and learn how to manage them so they are not spilling over into your work or personal life. Together we could make you feel a better sense of balance.

I will collaborate with you to discover a new script for your healing and empowerment. We are all different in responding to issues and facing difficulties, so therapy should also be unique and customized to your needs. I believe in Dialectal Behavioral Therapy and Polyvagal Informed Therapy through integrative treatment techniques.

Soul & Feather Counselling and Psychotherapy fulfills three functions:

  • to provide counselling and psychotherapy services (individual, couple) both in French and in English;

  • to offer Wellness consulting to organizations;

  • to promote Mental Health and well-being workshops in communities;

  • to present the client's psychosocial development evaluations and clinical recommendations to judges as an IRCA assessor.


My name is Sandrine Florent

It would be more than an honour to collaboratively rebuild and assist you in acquiring new coping skills and strategies.


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Anxiety & Depression
Couple Issues
Grief & Loss
Healthcare, Public Service  Professionals
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Perinatal Mental Health
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